Susan Francis makes assemblages, art installations and films that respond to a lived experience in a culture of instability, fragmentation and change


Francis's work spans largely installation, object and film, but also drawing, performance and painting. Eclectic in media but constant in thread, a restless drive to probe our ontological, sociological and psychological landscape forms the basis of her enquiry.  With an interest in how we see and are seen, in the fractured and complex construction of meaning in the turbulent evolution from analogue to digital selves, Susan Francis often deploys a language of both humour and poignancy in her work.


Strongly driven by material as well as concept, the vernacular of the every day; cardboard, cotton wool, household paints, mirrors, wire and cling film etc converge and collide in conversation with one another, while transparency and translucency emerge regularly as a vehicle for for the spiritual and the revelatory. This shared agency of both self and materiality pays respect to Karen Barad’s themes of entanglement and agential realism which view the world as a dynamic confluence where material and matter are in constant dialogue. 


Growing up surrounded by the stripped back aesthetic of Protestantism in 1970’s Belfast, the presence of absence plays an essential role in the depiction of the liminal through the ethereal, the spare and the 'not there'. A true hybrid of the analogue and digital age, Susan Francis is currently undertaking a Masters Degree in Theology and Imagination and Culture with an award from the Sarum St Michael's Trust exploring the cultural and theological debate in an era of rapid upheaval and change.